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March 03, 2009


Manic Mommy

I so hear you on the winter! I am cabin fevered, so are the boys and I can not stand being in this house. The only thing worse than being in the house is having to dress them up to get out of the house! Also, we went to Disney for a week and had record cold (srsly: 29 degrees one morning)!!

Two sucks. There is no reasoning. There is only screaming. And yes, it's all normal. As is alcohol at random periods throughout the day and night.


Hey girl, it's Kacie.I'm addicted to blogs where mom's are actually real and truthful(which is why I like yours)I only have one child as we speak and I feel like a human "to do list" plus Abs has had no socialization cause this virus going around keeps us in quarantine. Feel the same way as you do. Life would be easier if I wasn't so type A, but if us certain mom's keep together we'll be fine. Just keep thinking that preschool then regular school will be here before you know it ( thank the lord) Love Ya Kacie


I'd be certifiably nuts. For reals. Hang in there!

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