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March 18, 2009



LOL...vent all you need to. :) I'm not sure how they do it either. By the time I upload and edit pics, my time is up before I can even get a post written! Hmm, maybe I should try picture-less posts...

Manic Mommy

You want to vent? Head here (bonus: they're short!):

PS: I alternate shaving either my legs or pits. Never on the same day. There isn't enough time.


eh, showering is overrated!

joy (austysmum)

Oh, I soooo get where you are coming from... Miss 3 months is teething, and wants to feed ALL the time, while Mr 3 years is testing out his independence and strong will. My blog is starting to get a little dusty, just as my sewing desk is, however I have managed to pile it up with cut out projects that I hope to get to one day when Miss decides to nap for longer than 10 minutes between screaming, and Mr gets to go out for a few hours with his Dad for a change!

I agree on the idea of keeping the older one busy with some special Mummy and me activities though - it really helps them not to feel left out when you have to feed the baby so often, and then they are happier to play on their own later on. Gonna HAVE to check out that book - thanks for the tip!

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